Awards are beautiful.

They are inspiration but not satisfaction if you know you have capacity and struggle both awaiting you. Then, your best award is your journey to overcome difficulties.

© Anindita Bose 2018


Our life…

is a weird game. Most of our underlying deep emotions of loyalty, respect, trust remain the same but the way we act and behave changes depending on which shape our lives take. This incessant modifications in life and hence the level of stability that it offers controls our patience, demands, duties, laughter, peace, curiosity, anger, happiness, honesty, privacy, thoughts, freedom, acts, food habits, decency, sacrifice, behavior, responsibility, hope, concentration, conversation, views, confidence, courage, dignity and power.

© Anindita Bose 2018

To become a complete professional,

one needs degree in that field. One life is not enough to achieve all such degrees in multiple fields but that doesn’t mean we can’t think in that field. Sometimes we can have a third eye in some things and may be we can work and think more rationally than most professionals because in today’s world many a times the real cause of a profession is forgotten.

© Anindita Bose 2018