The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you Prakash Hegade for nominating me for The Sunshine Blogger Award today. Do check out his awesome blog!

I feel so honoured to receive this award. I hope my blog would keep spreading sunshine into the lives of my readers.

Click here to check the rules for this award nomination.

My answers to the questions Prakash asked:

1. Give your short bio.

Ans. I am a simple one and I love it.

2. What defines you ?

Ans. I am a self motivator. I am not perfect in everything but I have no regrets for that because I know everyone has limitations.

3. Are you cluttered or organized?

Ans. I am an organized one in what I feel is more important.

4. Who holds a special place in your heart ?

Ans. My daughter.

5. Share one of your favourite photographs. If not willing to share a photo, share one of your memorable moments.

Ans. Whenever I encounter small moments that I cherish, all of them become memorable to me.

6. Share your most favourite writing on your blog. Link one. I know it’s difficult to pick one but you have to share the link to that post.

Ans. This is ‘The universe is my country and love with respect is my religion’. Click here.

7. How do you define the writer in you ?

Ans. I have got enlightening thoughts from my father since I was a child. Now my daughter is my inspiration. Without her encouragement I would not have started writing. And yes, some of my experiences in life have inspired me. I’m equally grateful to all who have given me sweet and bitter moments to make me strong and have inspired me to write.

8. Do you have your favourite novel ? Which one.

Ans. None is my favorite. I can see myself partially in each one. My life is also a novel to me and I have learnt more from it than any other novel.

9. What is that one thing you would repeatedly do and never be bored of it?

Ans. Learning.

10. Write one liner for ‘Hate’.

Ans. Something you should never spread, stop it when it comes.

11. Do you have a bucket list? Can we have a peek into it ?

Ans. It’s personal.

I nominate:

1. Kurian

2. Cheryl Mary Coleman

3. Alphadolie

4. Rad Gamer

My questions to the nominees:

1. Have your experiences in life helped you to write your blog ?

2. Do you like to follow someone or to follow yourself ?

3. Are you a calculative one or do you like to help people selflessly ?

4. Do you always look to the future or love to live in only the present ?

5. Will you help someone you don’t love or like?

6. What do you want to get from whom you love?

7. Are you bounded by the rules of the society? Will you ever help someone ignoring those rules ?

8. What do you think about friendship?

9. When you pray what do you want the most from Almighty?

10. What do you think about world peace ?


15 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. I really enjoyed reading your answers for this award. I especially like this one – Ans. Everyday I encounter small moments that I cherish. All of them are memorable to me. Thank you for sharing so that we as readers could learn a little more about you 🧑

    Many congratulations on this award πŸ’œ

    Liked by 2 people

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