Clay or Alive – that makes the difference

The humongous pandals, the swirls of ‘dhunuchi’, people drenched in long mantras of devotion, the dancing steps, the banging dhol and the eye-catching idols of “Maa” emanating rays of power, hope and courage, that’s the sign of the puja.

So empowering, right ? Well, I wish I could say so but each time I try that, a question leaves my heart broken and scarred. This celebration of the unparalleled power of the mother is not what is reciprocated by the pages of the daily.

Flashes of inhuman rape cases every day blind me and I am forced to ask myself if we would have heard the cases of the brutal rape of the idols, had they been made of blood and flesh? Would all of these been the same? Then, it’s a relief that they are made of clay. Perhaps that’s the only reason the psycho ones have spared them till now.

I don’t know if the heaven resides on earth but the hell definitely does where the Goddess herself is not safe. The horror prevails and this growing nightmare of women as well as men doesn’t let me celebrate the doom of the ‘Asura’ (devil). I know he is alive and growling in laughter everywhere, yes, everywhere…

Let us come forward and help stop this madness—it’s my humble request on behalf of all men and women in this world.

© Anindita Bose 2018


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