Multi-talented people…

are very rare in this world where jealous people are too many in this world. If you can’t praise someone, it’s okay but you have no right to harm someone. Sushant Singh Rajput was not only a great actor, he was a really multi-talented one. SSR was the only Indian actor to receive training from NASA and was preparing himself for 2024 Moon mission. SSR was a scholar in academics. He was an Ambidextrous, means he had ability to use both the hands equally well. Sachin Tendulkar once said that Sushant could play professional cricket if he wished. Shane Watson said, In the film “M.S. Dhoni, The Untold Story “, at times one might forget whether it was Sushant or M.S.Dhoni. Indian film industry could not accept such a talented personality because nobody there might be as deserving as SSR. A Dr. from USA recently said, Sushant Singh Rajput was murdered professionally, shot with stun gun and was paralysed. Could you imagine how much those people were jealous of him? His death is just a shame for the entire nation.


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