Me and my daughter think in the way that portraying someone’s picture…

is not an easy task but portraying someone’s feelings is tougher. So, in this world, I will never let anyone portray my feelings but my daughter. Yes, she is the only one who can truly portray my feelings to the world because I have been able to unhesitantly share all of my highs and lows only with her as she has all the patience for me and has allowed me to be her child and her student. The rest others know me only partially, I am more or less in love with everyone but for sharing everything, especially my lows, I do hesitate to do so with them and can’t think them as being suitable for sharing such feelings. And obviously, they also don’t have the patience for me or can’t wanna hear my lows, only interested in using my ideas. As a result, I could never confine in them, only my girl knows me completely. My girl also says in the same way that she only shares her feelings truly with me and some of her friends.

© Anindita Bose


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