Though there is nothing greater than work but every school and college should keep…

a discussion period where students pray first and then discuss life like how to maintain control in every situation and how to come out of odds etc. No matter whether you are an atheist or not. Prayer and especially the discussion about how to handle downs in life work as good mental therapy, will give you patience and keep you away from negativity. Day by day people are becoming more psycho, they indirectly torture people around them to reap self-satisfaction. For their own benefit they even do something good for you but very purposely and even unnecessarily only to take credit for that later. Crimes are also reaching higher and higher numbers, people are depressed and jealous minded as they are discontented in life even after having a lot. On the other hand, nobody knows beforehand about the approaching ups and downs and struggles in their lives. But if we can’t handle it or can not keep ourselves balanced, no knowledge will be effective in life. Instead, it will work reversely, you will be punished by your own self and will try to punish others. These people eventually know what is wrong and what is right, they have good theoretical knowledge but have a lack of practical knowledge. Sometimes they become liars to blame people wrongly only to suppress their own drawbacks. They have enough time in hand and can’t pass their time without humiliating and oppressing people whom they are jealous of. Their parents have to consider them only to retain peace and harmony at home. These people are strong-minded but always find opportunities to disturb others’ minds. It might be that those ones have some miseries due to their faults or others’ but all don’t become psychos. Earlier I endured people a lot, my baby was small then, I had nothing to do. When I used to become sad, I would cry and then wipe my tears. But I was able to keep myself mentally strong and balanced. Nowadays, I am really scared of torture. But I have leart how to handle life. Yes, some people may become imbalanced due to some worries or heavy work pressure but there is nothing to worry there, just give them space, it will go with time but some are permanently psychos. Even medicines might not be effective for them. Rather, they gradually become addicted to those drugs and no harmful drugs give them a permanent solution. A suggestion I would like to give to those who find themselves mentally perturbed, also keep yourself engaged more or less in household work, it will work as a therapy and take you out of your mind games. Believe me, it will build up your confidence, bring togetherness, suppress mental disturbance and you will learn how to be practically focused on life.

© Anindita Bose


4 thoughts on “Though there is nothing greater than work but every school and college should keep…

  1. Anindita, I agree fully with your wonderful post. We should spend time teaching children how to deal with negative situations. Doing housework is a great way to handle mental stress. Thank you for this information. Take care.

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  2. Your suggestion to introduce time for prayers and discussions on handling the stress and strain in life is excellent. Infact this assumes great importance as the uncertainty and volatility in the environment is increasing by the day.
    Thanks and regards.👍

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