In modern era, women are more responsible for their pain than anything else.

When women fight each other, we don’t care much but when it comes between two genders, we suddenly become more active to spread it like wildfire. Is it only because of the gender gap or something more? Once upon a time, women were tortured by the society but now women would not be tortured by anyone if they, themselves, don’t want to be tortured. But still, women love to be tortured because many women have mental deficiencies and without them, they can’t survive. They love to gossip and hear it about other women. They like to ignore other women or don’t like to praise them. They only understand what they have. Yes, your family is your priority but you also have a bit of responsibility towards society. Otherwise, how can you demand anything for you from society? When something bad happens with another man or woman, how many women come to voice it? Today there is no barrier for anyone. But, if you make a barrier around yourself, nothing will ever change. To survive in this world all dependent on each other. A woman is dependent on both men and women just like a man also depends upon women and men. So, putting each other down will not solve anything. Yes, sometimes sharing with the world is necessary but actually, you will have to solve your problems on your own. How long will women think themselves weak? How many days will they wait for a man or a woman to come and help them? First, look at yourself, then blame society. What are you doing for yourselves, women, when it is necessary? You have enough power now. How much more do you need to do a bit? Many days have passed, now you are educated and capable enough to empower you and other women. But still, you want to impress men than to impress all? Actually, you do not acknowledge the word ‘Woman’. The word ‘Woman’ doesn’t mean you will be the partner of man or give birth only or take care at home and workplace and just shout for your rights. A woman’s freedom doesn’t say that you will not help others or won’t cook or won’t work or won’t hear anybody’s suggestion. The word ‘Freedom’ means to be able to understand the world more. Nowadays we have come out of joint families, naturally, our vision is changing for our own sake. So, woman, you must get help from men according to their capacity, you don’t need to beg for it if your partner is a misogynist. But first, learn to take all the genders equally, don’t keep the difference between the genders and learn to help other women, something you ignore the most. Only shouting for empowerment will not make you empowered, you are someone who has rights and power to motivate yourselves and others, take society as your own, love and hear your voice properly, not to copy others and bring something different for your own sake and also for the society. Believe that you can.

© Anindita Bose


3 thoughts on “In modern era, women are more responsible for their pain than anything else.

  1. Even though I heard and read a lot about gender equality & discrimination this I felt more unique.
    And I never thought this way.It’s highly appreciated that you have shown the courage to put on this♥️♥️🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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