There is always an answer…

Life is full of stories.
Some good, some bad, some adventurous.
We think less about the bad if we have the good in hand.
But when something terrible happens,
We then learn to fight with it.
In life, we, people, meet with others.
One or two occupy an indispensable place in our hearts.
Then we don’t think of missing each other.
Here’s such a story of a boy and a girl.
They were blindly in love.
One day God came and asked,
‘Do you wanna miss each other in any of your births?’
They said, ‘No, never.’
But God had more questions for them. He again asked,
“But you have to miss each other. So, what will you do?”
They remained silent.
Then to find out the answer,
God went to a mother and asked her,
“Do you want to miss your children in any other birth?”
Naturally, the mom said no.
God again asked,
“But you have to miss them. So, what will you do? “
Mother said, ” If I have to miss my children in other births, I wanna miss them when they would get a healthy and comfortable life.”
God surprisingly asked, “Why so? What is your benefit here?”
Mother said, “I don’t need my benefits. I wanna be by their side more when they are in trouble.”

© Anindita Bose 2020


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