We will lose faith in India’s judicial system if Sushant Singh Rajput’s case does not get justice where….

public can clearly understand that it is not a suicide. There are many reasons behind it. 1) There is no picture of Sushant’s hanging. 2) No suicide note. 3) The ligature mark around his neck looked more like the effect of strangulation than hanging. 4) No eye popping out. 5) No froth from mouth. 6) No tongue protusion. 7) Mark on neck not matching with type of cloth said to be used for hanging. 8) The paleness of the face showed oedema that sets in some hours after death. 9) Various injuries on body, both the legs were bent. 10) No small table, furniture found inside room. 11) Missing room duplicate key. 12) According to his close ones SSR was scared for his life after the death of his ex-manager Disha Salian. 13) SSR was a super positive person according to the close people. 14) Hanging a body leaves marks on the skin over the lower jaw whereas the ligature mark around Sushant’s neck ran concentrically to the folds of his neck skin, an inch or so below the lower jaw. 15) Dr. from USA said, SSR was murdered professionally, shot with stun gun and was paralysed.


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