Thanks Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR)…

to be a part of my strength. Strength drives us every day but not everyone can offer you strength apart from God. I was always my strength, still and will be. My daughter is my greatest strength, my father is my strength and few more, but I also get strength from this multi-talented actor, Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR) who excelled in different fields.

© Anindita Bose

Illusion has no explanation.

Just experienced it. Such a strong illusion I have never encountered before. I was so casual, not at all under any pressure. It didn’t happen for just a second, it happened for few seconds, at least. In that period, I was even discussing something on my own about it. After a time when I realised it was an illusion, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Really, illusion has no explanation.

Crying is your genuine friend, it means sharing your sorrow with yourself.

Each time we wipe our tears, we become stronger. Crying is good to reduce our sorrows. But when we are alone, It gives us more sense and makes us more empowered. The world is so busy and tough, sometimes you see few are sharing your tears but the day can also come when you will see that nobody cares about your tears. So, make yourself ready for the day also. Count your tears and make yourself ready to understand that the world is not ugly as your tears are always with you, your dear friend, your best supporter.

© Anindita Bose