To solve every problem…

be it economical, be it education, be it medical, India must control its population. If a couple has more than two children ( after a particular date ) they should be fined with a good amount (amount might be increased over few years). This law should be gradually implemented in India. There’s no time to delay it. The law can be initiated from the states which have above a threshold population density.


4 thoughts on “To solve every problem…

  1. This may lead to huge problems and even religious-based civil wars.

    Educated people tend to have fewer children. This comes natural. You need to boost your education system.


    1. It is more the other way round. Effective education system cannot be implemented in an overpopulated country. When the population comes under control, providing education automatically becomes efficient which in turn further controls the population as you say. The first step is the law else we will keep circling in this loop of hope and failed results forever.


      1. I think the first move is to make people understand.

        Maybe India is not quite a secular society, and you can’t just ignore people’s faiths and beliefs. India is not China, and that kind of law would seem very opressive.

        Here in my country (Roumania, Eastern Europe) we are facing a different problem: depopulation, due to massive emmigration, but also low natality. The standard family has one or two kids, more often just one. Only the Gypsies (Roma) are still having large families with many kids.

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