True respect comes from inside.

In one of my earlier posts, I said that the word ‘Respect’ is not related to only elderly ones; it’s related to all. Here, I want to say more about it. As we should not hurt anyone, we respect many ones, almost everyone, but actually, is it a thing to give, or should it automatically come from inside irrespective of who you are or what you are doing? The relationship or friendship doesn’t even matter here; the issue is how you are connected with someone by the soul. Children or students or so-called servants or juniors sometimes respect their parents or teachers or so-called masters or seniors respectively from fear, but sometimes they do so from affection. Both are called respect, but the first one is showing off, and the second one is a bonding of the soul that is immortal. As giving respect is an essential part of life, we should give it to everyone more or less, but it is not just a thing of giving; it should also come from the heart.© Anindita Bose


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